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We are a compact, competent and robust firm of Insurance Brokers and Consultants who would want to be available for you through the thick and thin of life, living and taking risks.

  • Life is for living
  • Living is about taking risks
  • Taking risks is about INSURANCE
  • Taking Insurance is about STALWART
STALWART ....with utmost attention to you.

Life Insurance

Our insurance policies cover for whole life, variable and Universal life insurance with mouth watering premiums

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Home Insurance

Cover your private residence with our policies which combines various personal insurance protections which can include home loss and other occurences

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Auto Insurance

Auto insurance covers your automobile for the case of loss or even accidents...

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Travel Insurance

You love to travel round the world but don't have what it takes to? or worse, the financial capability to do so? Our travel insurance has policies for you, just check in

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Business Insurance

Your business needs protection as much as your home and life, protect your business against loss and damage using our business insurance policy

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Property Insurance

Auto insurance covers your automobile for the case of loss or even accidents...

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Free Consultation

Get a Free Consultation from our robust firm of Insurance Brokers and Consultants who will be available for you, we are prompt in our response and provided the necessary support.


We have been servicing our clients for over ten years now and are proud of thousands of customers

Flexible Benefits

At Stalwart, your benefits are not only secure, they are also flexible and operates in a convinience manner.

Friendly Staff

Our staff are very friendly with great expertise in customer services, why don't you stop by to find out


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Savings and Investing

Keeping money safe is good, but investing is better, we help you make good investment plans with great return on investment (ROI). we are your patner in everything

Financial Security

It is important that your finance is secure and you get to that stage of financial freedom, as much as you want to go that way, you'll always have someone by your side to take you there, that's US .

Paying for Education

Education is good, quality education is better but quite expensive, but remember, we are always there to Help.


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