• Do you know the range of risks you face?
  • What should you do to effectively reduce and manage these risks?
  • Why should you take unnecessary risks and accept needless losses?
  • How can you effectively protect yourself/company financially from potentially expensive loss[es]?

With utmost attention to you, we will

  1. Assess the risks you faced and take steps with you to control and minimize them
  2. Identify different types of insurance that may be needed by you
  3. Proffer solutions to what you want your insurance covers to do for you
  4. Obtain insurance covers that will wholly and conveniently serve you
  5. Ensure that you insure for value always
  6. Confidently and certainly make your insurances work for you
  7. Handle third parties insurance claims negotiations on your behalf with the general public, ex staff, contractors and customers

Life Insurance

We handle Life Assurance for staff either individually or group. The latter is suitable where some members in organization are not ripe to join the pension scheme or where an organisation is still too young to operate a pension scheme. Group Life Assurance is an annual contract which provides for death in service only. In this respect it is often referred to as temporary Life Assurance it could however be tailored to Incorporate Endowment benefits etc.


Every accident which results in disablement from work (either partial or total) gives rise to loss of earning capacity temporarily or permanently. Personal Accident Insurance meets employers’ need for cash benefits to provide such losses either to the victims or his dependants in the event of death.

This particular scheme has given advantages over the Workmen’s Compensation Insurance whereas the Workmen’s Compensation Insurance for example provides indemnity against accidents resulting in disablement or death only when the victim sustains such mishap in the course of his duty Group Personal Accident extends beyond the normal working hours and covers a period of 24hours. It provides indemnity against accidents not only whilst the employee is on duty but even whilst he is in his private home or enjoying his leisure outside business hours such as weekends etc.

Another advantage is that it provides cover for all categories of staff right from the cleaner to the Chief Executive or Members of Board or Directors except that the benefit to be enjoyed by such staff could be varied according to status or earning capacity.

The Major risk provide against are:
  1. Death (in case accident results in death within twelve months of accidents).
  2. Permanent Disablement (occurring within twelve months of sccident).
  3. Temporary Total Disablement1.
  4. Medical Expenses

Auto Insurance

This is the most popular type of Insurance among the insuring public. It also generates the greatest controversy between the insured and the insurers.

We as professionals stand to advise you appropriately and furthermore to handle and manage all claims instantly and effectively free-of-charge.

The staff and employers derive a lot of advantages under this policy.
The staff will enjoy two discounts
  • No Claims Discount (NCD) as well as Fleet
  • Discount which would not be possible outside the scheme because a single insured cannot enjoy such pulralty discount.
The employers will also enjoy a secured type of policy at comprehensive level throughout the period of the loan scheme. It is therefore advisable that the Fleet Insurance policy be taken up by the employers/staff.


The staff and employers derive a lot of advantages under this policy. The staff will enjoy two discounts
  • No Claims Discount (NCD) as well as Fleet
  • Discount which would not be possible outside the scheme because a single insured cannot enjoy such pulralty discount.
The employers will also enjoy a secured type of policy at comprehensive level throughout the period of the loan scheme. It is therefore advisable that the Fleet Insurance policy be taken up by the employers/staff.


This type of policy provides cover for;
  • Material loss or damage.
  • The indemnities for such losses are available for both business premises and private dwellings and their content.
Cover can also be extended to indemnify against loss resulting from special perils such as Explosion Riots Strikes Tornados Malicious Damage etc. (These are usually called EXTERNAEOUS PERILS).


This policy is provided to cover loss of use resulting from fire which the ordinary fire policy does not cover. It helps the Insured to retain skilled staff maintain fixed expenses following business interruption after fire disaster and at the same time have a comfortable rehabilitation period.


The growth in crime in recent years has meant that burglary insurance has become reasonably and increasingly necessary for both private dwelling and business premises. The increasing incidents of major thefts and sophisticated robberies by armed gangs is a pointer that hardly could one find any dwelling house or business premises that could be described as immune to these robbers no matter how well secured.


With the alarming rate of money snatching and armed robbery in the country it is advisable that organisations should insure their cash for the security of moving it from one location to another money-in-safe should also be insured. The policy provides compensation for loss of money while in transit or in secured safe.

There are special schemes for banks and other allied businesses.


This policy provides compensation against the dishonesty of staff-handling cash cheques or stock. In the event of embezzlement or fraud by any store-man or accounting staff the insured shall be duly compensated


In view of the high rate of road accidents and vehicle waylaying by armed robbers resulting in loss of raw materials and finished goods etc.

it is advisable that all business organization and individuals should save themselves these losses by taking this cover.

It provides indemnity against loss or damage to goods while being transported on land or whilst temporarily housed or garaged en-route.


The policy provides covers for employers’ or occupiers’ of premises legal liability against death or bodily injuries to third parties resulting from the employers’ or occupiers’ negligence or those of their agents from defects in their premises or from any object therein.


This cover is essential for all manufacturers hoteliers or restaurant proprietors. It covers the Insured against legal damages incurred resulting from defects in their products.

For example hoteliers cannot rule out the chances of food poison while manufacturers stand the risk of defective design or manufacture of their products. We therefore recommend that this policy be taken up by all hoteliers and manufacturers.


The cover as the name implies cover materials losses or damages to the works under construction Workmen’s Compensation/Group Personal Accident and Liabilities to the public for property/damage/injuries to persons.

The performance bond is more commonly required by the governments or other organisations to cover penalties for cover-run periods or non-performance by the contractors as guaranteed in their contracts.


This insurance provides indemnity for loss ranging from the actual property insured to properties belonging to neighbours within the vicinity and bodily injuries to third parties. This cover can be arranged for breakdown of lifts cranes or hoists gas and electrical plants can also be insured for their peculiar risks.

Cover is given for machinery-breakdown resulting from poor or defective operation or maintenance and several other causes.


This policy is essential for all professionals in the business world to cover them against probable legal damages resulting from the defective performance or non-performance of their duties.

Example of such professionals are; Doctors Accountants Lawyers or Newspaper Organisations (libel) Secretaries Architects Estate Managers Insurance Brokers Surveyors etc.


With the 1976 Insurance Decree all marine Insurances for the importation of goods must be arranged in Nigeria hence all importations are now made on C & F basis and no longer CIF.

This policy provides cover against loss or damage caused by specified sea perils to the vessels the cargo or pre-paid freight.


We also specialize in handling other classes of insurance which are regarded as specialized areas such as :
  • Oil Insurance for both on and off shore risks.
  • Atomic Risks.
  • Agricultural including life stock and blood stock.
  • Weather Insurance.
  • “Bespoke” life or personal accident insurance schemes as backup attractions to Banks customers ( i.e savings depositors etc.)
  • Mortgage protection Indemnity (MPI) for Banks and Finance houses.
Any other special package can be drawn up by us to meet individual specifications.


Your Aviation portfolio cannot be better handled as our expertise in the following areas among others remains unequalled in the Industry

18.1 Hull Insurance ( i.e the Aircraft and its accessories) whether it is wet lease dry lease lease purchase or outright purchase including spare parts back-up and technical support services.
18.2 Passengers and third party legal liabilities
18.3 Cargo and Mail Insurance
18.4 Crew Insurance
18.5 Loss of License for Pilots

BOND Insurance

We grant the following Bonds;
  1. Performance / or Supply Bond
  2. Advance Payment Bond
  3. Bid Bond
  4. Custom Bond

Credit bond or Credit Guaranty should not be granted. In all cases Bond Proposals must be referred to the Head Office.

The documents to be demanded from the proposer in case of (a) (b) and (c) are:-
  1. The contract Agreement
  2. The Certificate of Incorporation of the Proposing Company.
  3. The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company
  4. Three Years Published Accounts of the Company
  5. Certificate of Performance/Execution of similar contracts
  6. Possible Collaterals share certificate papers relating to properties owned by the company or its Directors such as Certificate of Occupancy of lands or Assignment of Certificate.
  7. The prosper should be informed that a Counter Indemnity would be executed by at least two of the company’s Directors before the Bond is released
  8. A passport photograph of each of the Directors signing our counter indemnity should be obtained especially where the company is not well known to us.

Property Insurance

House owner/ Householder Insurance Policy in case of Damage or Accident.